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In order to process foreign trade the government has setup various institutions. Some of these are:
  1. Department of Commerce: This comes under Ministry of Commerce and acts as the apex body which is responsible for country's external Trade activities. This Department of Commerce also frames the import and export policy of the country in general.
  2. Export Promotion Council (EPC): These are non-profit organizations which come under the companies act or the society's registration act. This council promotes the product that comes under their jurisdiction. There are 21 EPCs dealing with different commodities at present in our country.
  3. Commodity Boards: The government of India has established this board to promote and develop the production of traditional commodities and their exports. This board is again a supplementary to EPCs and function the same way. In India there are seven commodity boards namely, coffee board, rubber board, tobacco board, spice board, central silk board, tea board and coir board.
  4. Export Inspection Council (EIC): Under section 3 of export quality control and inspection act 1963 this council was setup by the Indian government. This council aims at developing and maintaining quality control of the export trade and also takes care of pre shipment inspection. This council acts as the apex body. With few exceptions all commodities for export must be passed by EIC.
  5. Indian Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO): The ministries of Commerce setup this organization on 1st January 1992 under the company's act 1956, which is based in New Delhi. The two erstwhile agencies trade development authority and trade fair authority was merged into one to form ITPO. This ITPO is a service organization which maintains a regular and close relation with trade, industry and government. ITPO organizes trade fairs both domestically and internationally through this the export firms are given opportunity to participate in international trade fairs. The five branches of ITPO are located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kanpur and Chennai. The international offices are in Germany, Japan, UAE and USA.
  6. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT): An autonomous body registered under the societies registration act with the main aim of professionalizing the country's foreign trade management. The IIFT was setup by government of India in 1963. This has been recognized as a deemed university and provides training for international trade, conduct research in areas of international business and analyze data related to international trade and investment.
  7. Indian Institute if Packaging (IIP): The ministry of commerce and the Indian packaging industry jointly setup this IIP in 1966. The headquarters and laboratory is situated in Mumbai and the other regional offices are in kolkatta, Chennai and Delhi. IIP provides training and research pertaining to packaging. The IIP has a great infrastructure facility which caters to the packaging industries. This institute caters to both domestic and export markets.
  8. State Trading Organization (STC): The trade channels and export units faced difficulty to compete in world market. In 1956 the state trading organization was setup to face this problem. The main aim of STC is to promote and stimulate trade primarily export trade among different trading partners of different nations. Later MMTC (metal and minerals trading corporation) and HHEC (handloom and handicraft Export Corporation) was also setup by the Indian government.

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