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Mathematical treatments of logic was presented in the middle of the nineteenth century,by, George Boole and then Augustus De Morgan.

Boole approached logic in a new way reducing it to a simple algebra, incorporating logic into mathematics.

George Boole

Augustus De Morgan

We have came across proofs of theorems and geometrical properties of plane figures in geometry. In proving these, we used mathematical reasoning (logic). Mathematical logic is introduced to give precise meaning to mathematical statements. The aim of this chapter is introduce correct procedures of striding mathematical arguments. This branch of mathematics has numerous applications in computer science.

In mathematical language, there are two kinds of reasoning - inductive and deductive. We are familiar with inductive reasoning as done in the chapter “Mathematical Induction”. Induction is a process of generalizing a concept from particular cases. Deductive reasoning on the other hand is using particular examples from a general situation. We shall discuss some fundamentals of deductive reasoning.

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