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The students will be able to
  • To learn the concept and characteristics of business
  • Comparing the features of Business, Profession and Employment
  • Classification Of Business activities
  • Meaning Of Industry and Commerce
  • Various Types Of Industry and activities relating to Commerce
  • Objectives of Business an Analysis
  • Risk in Business and its causes
  • Basic factors to start a Business- Discuss
Afroz, Rakesh, Rahul and Indra are classmates since 10th standard. After their exams are over. After their exams got over they meet up at Rita's place. Mr. Raghuraj Chaudhury intervenes and asks about their well-being when they are sharing their experiences and also enquires what their carrier plans are. No one gives a definite reply. Mr. Raghuraj, a businessman by himself suggests everyone to opt for a very challenging business. On listening to the ideas Rahul gets excited and says, β€œYes, business is really good for making lots of money even more than is possible by becoming an engineer or a doctor.” Mr. Raghuraj opines, β€œI will tell you something my boy but you need a lot more for business rather than just money” and gets busy with some other guests. However, these four young people start discussing about business: What business actually means? What other things it includes other than money? How is it different from non-business activities? What does one require to start a business? And, so on.

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