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  • Expressions are sequences of operators and operands that are used for one or more of these purposes.
    • Computing a value from the operands
    • Designing the object
    • Generating equations
  • The expression is of many types. They are
    • Arithmetic expression
      • These expressions are of two types. Real and Integer expressions.
      • Real expressions are formed using real constants.
      • For example

int a =20.5, b=15,c; c = a/b;

Integer constants are formed using integer variables.
  • For example

int a 10,b= 2,c;

c = a/b;

  • Logical expressions
    • These expressions are used to find the result between two operands using logical operators.
    • For example

X > y;

  • Post fix expression
    • These expressions are used to perform post fix operators
    • For example

int a= 10,b=15,c;

c=(a + b) ;


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