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We learnt the following in this lesson
  • Addressing and eradicating poverty has been one our primary objectives

  • Per capita consumption expenditure level which meets the average daily consumption of 2400 calories per person in the rural and 2100 calories in the urban sector has been defined as the poverty line.

  • By comparing the number of poor and their proportion over different periods of time and in different states we can figure out the progress made.

  • The absolute number of poor declined substantially by 1991

  • Majority of the poor in rural sector had migrated to the urban sector by 1991 and were generally employed in unskilled or casual labour.

  • The basis of the poverty line does not consider the attributes of poverty.

  • The government has implemented various schemes under three different approaches in order to counter poverty.

  • These programs have not been implemented with total success because of the unequal distribution of land, corruption and lack of participation of the local organizations.

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