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Textual Presentation of Data
In textual presentation, data are described within the text. When the quantity of data is not too large this form of presentation is more suitable.

  • In a tabular presentation, data are presented in rows (read horizontally) and columns (read vertically).
  • For example, see Table 4.1 below tabulating information about literacy rates. It has 3 rows (for male, female and total) and 3 columns (for urban, rural and total). It is called a 3 × 3 Table giving 9 items of information in 9 boxes called the "cells" of the Table.
  • Qualitative classification
    When classification is done according to qualitative characteristics like social status, physical status, nationality, etc., it is called qualitative classification. For example, in Table 4.1 the characteristics for classification are sex and location which are qualitative in nature.

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