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Textual Presentation of Data

In textual presentation, data are described within the text. When the quantity of data is not too large this form of presentation is more suitable. Look at the following cases:

Case 1
In a bandh call given on 08 September 2005 protesting the hike in prices of petrol and diesel, 5 petrol pumps were found open and 17 were closed whereas 2 schools were closed and remaining 9 schools were found open in a town of Bihar.

Case 2
Census of India 2001 reported that Indian population had risen to 102 crore of which only 49 crore were females against 53 crore males. 74 crore people resided in rural India and only 28 crore lived in towns or cities. While there were 62 crore non-worker population against 40 crore workers in the entire country, urban population had an even higher share of non-workers (19 crores) against the workers (9 crores) as compared to the rural population where there were 31 crore workers out of a 74 crore population....

In both the cases data have been presented only in the text. A serious drawback of this method of presentation is that one has to go through the complete text of presentation for comprehension but at the same time, it enables one to emphasise certain points of the presentation.

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