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In spite of freedom given to these companies, they have a few limitations:
  1. The provisions of the Companies Act do not have much significance since the Government is the only shareholder in some of the companies,
  2. It evades constitutional, accountability which a company funded by the government should have. It is not accountable directly to the Parliament
  3. The management and administration rest in the hands of the government, as the government is the sole shareholder. The main purpose of a government company, registered like other companies, is beaten.

State Bank of India

Which bank has the largest coverage network across India. Which bank has the most number of ATMs across India? State Bank of India is one of the answers. Its penetration, especially in the rural sectors, and its complete tonnage of customers has been well documented in the past. SBI took over an enormous image revamping effort in 2005. SBI has overhauled its operations to make itself more up-to-date, tech-savvy and customer friendly, shedding the casual style of working that has been the curse of PSU banks advancing at an annual rate of 16 percent, demonstrating that everything is fine for the time being. If SBI is able to maintain this rate of growth, modernise its operations and increase its visibility among the urban general public, the image of public sector banks will progress positively.

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