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Characteristics of a Good Program

A program when written in a good style is easily understandable and readable. But the following characteristics help a program to look better and more understandable. The characteristics are given below.
  • Effective and efficient code
    • The program should be faster and it should provide correct output within the given memory space and limited time.
  • User friendly
    • The program should have an interaction with the user.
    • The user should know what is happening inside the process.
    • Each and every instruction should be provided only by the user.
    • The control should be in the hands of the user.
  • Self documenting code
    • It uses meaningful name for variables, constants, function names and also for user defined variables to have clear meaning to a program is called self documenting code.
  • Reliable
    • It should be efficient
    • It should handle any unexpected types of errors.
    • It should display proper error or warning statement.
  • Portable
    • It should be platform independent
    • It should be used to run on any platform.

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