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  • ​Documentation refers to written script of program, specifications, design, code, internal and external to program, testing data in a understandable and readable format.
  • They have various modules like
    • Complexity of system
    • Technical sophistication of user
    • People involved in development and use
    • Expected life of documentation.
  • To develop documentation, we can generate manuals to prepare them. Some manual types are listed below
    • User manual
    • Input preparation manual
    • Operations manual
    • Equipment manual
    • Programmer manual
    • Program manual
    • Systems manual
    • Standards manual

Uses of documentation

  • It is used to facilitate communication about an application between the technical development personnel and the non technical users.
  • Useful for technical personnel not only during development.
  • Essential during abnormal or urgent maintenance.
  • It is helpful in initiating and training
  • Enables trouble shooting when the application system breaks down.
  • Essential for both internal and external control.
  • Ensures that all commitments and expectations are on record.
  • Testing data and methods are provided.
  • Maintenance details will be provided to help the user to maintain the process.
Note: The user documentation should contain the following information's. They are
  1. General descriptions
  2. Run flow and description
  3. Logic flow description
  4. Program testing
  5. File descriptions
  6. Record layouts
  7. Output specifications
  8. File disposal
  9. Error messages
  10. Special run instructions
  11. Security considerations
  12. Restart and recovery procedures.

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