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Stages in Program Development Process

There are four important stages to develop a program. They are as follows:
  • Analysis of a problem
  • Create the algorithm
  • Compile the program
  • Execute the program
Analysis of a problem
  • The problem is analyzed where it should be given a solution.
  • After analysis of the problem an algorithm has to be generated.
Creating the algorithm
  • An algorithm is created based on the analysis of the problem
  • It uses basic statements and expression for developing the algorithm.
Compile the program
  • After creating algorithm, the source code is generated.
  • It is generated using various programming languages like C, C++ and so on.
  • After coding the program it is compiled.
  • In this the source code is converted into machine readable code.
Execute the program
  • After compiling the program, it is made as an error free code.
  • Then it is executed to create the output.
Note: Errors may occur at any stage of the program.

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