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Stylist Guidelines

To develop a good program certain rules and guidelines are essential. The guidelines help us to create good and readable programs. There are many methods available, let us see some of them.
  • Meaningful names for identifiers:
    • When a program is to be executed, it uses variables, function name, user defined data etc.
    • All the names which are used for identification should be simple and clear to use.
    • While dealing with identifiers, the following rules are to be followed.
      • Use proper names for variables, functions, procedures, etc.
      • Don't Use similar names.
      • Have a good scalable identifier to have better readable and clarity program.
  • Clarity of expressions:
    • Expressions are very important in a program.
    • There should be a clear expression.
    • The steps to be followed are:
      • Avoid programming tricks whose intent will not be obvious to a reader.
      • Use standard function in expression
  • Using comments and indentation:
    • Comments are essential in a program to provide the user a clear guideline about the program.
    • Indentation makes the program more readable and clearer.
    • The comments and indentation provide a clear and readable form of program to the user.
    • For example


void main()


     int a,b,c; // declaration of the variables.

     cin >> a >>b>>c; // getting the input

     cout<<a <<b <<c; // printing the output


  • Insert blank lines and blank spaces:
    • The insertion of blank lines and blank spaces also enhance the clarity of a program.
    • The blank lines between a set of code helps to have a better readable form of program.
    • The blank space between the words will also provide a readable form of program.
Note: To have a better program, concentrate much on the content. that is, write short and simple lines of statements. So that it will be easily understood by the user.

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