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Benefits of Organic Farming

Organic agriculture is a means to substitute costlier organic inputs like HYV seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc with domestically produced organic inputs which are cheaper. Hence organic agriculture generates more returns than conventional agriculture. There are returns from international exports too because there is a growing demand for organically grown crops. Organically grown foods have been proved to have more nutritional value than chemically grown food, hence they are much more healthy. Since organic farming requires more labour inputs, we can use it as a way of generating more employment. The produce is pesticide free and is environment friendly.

Organic farming will grow and become popular only if the farmers are willing to adopt a new technology. Lack of infrastructure and the problem of marketing organic products are the two roadblocks to the adoption of organic farming. The yields from organic farming in the initial years are less and so small and medium farmers may find it difficult to survive on organic farming. Organic food has lesser shelf life. The choice of production of crops during the off season is quite limited in organic farming. Despite all the drawbacks, organic farming is eco friendly and a sustainable method. India has a clear advantage in adopting this method.

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