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Diversification into Productive Activities

Diversification includes two areas:
  1. One related to diversification of crop production
  2. Related to shifting the work force from the agricultural sector into other allied activities like livestock, poultry, fisheries etc and also into the non agricultural sector.
The diversification into non agricultural sectors not only reduces the risk from agricultural sector but also to provide the rural people with sustainable and productive livelihood options. Diversification is required because there is a big risk if farming happens to be the lone option of livelihood for a majority in the rural sector.

Agricultural work is seasonal and most of it is restricted to the Kharif season. During the Rabi season, the irrigation facilities are inadequate and it becomes difficult to get gainful employment. Hence the expansion into non agricultural sectors becomes very important in order to provide supplementary employment and income so as to increase the level of income of the rural sector and to alleviate poverty in such areas.

Agriculture is overcrowded and hence the workforce has to find alternate means of employment. Non-farm economy has many segments, some posses dynamic linkages which encourage healthy growth; some others are of low productivity. Dynamic sub-sectors of the non farm sectors include the food processing industry, leather industry, tourism etc. There are segments which have great potential but lack infrastructure and other support. Examples of such sectors are the traditional household based industries like pottery, crafts, handlooms etc. Majority of rural women generally try for employment in the agricultural sector while the men look for employment in the non agricultural sector but these days even women are trying to gain employment in the non-agricultural sector.

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