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Emerging Alternate Marketing Channels

It has been found out that whenever the farmers sell their products directly to the consumer, their profits increase because their share in the price paid by the consumer increases. Some examples of such channels which promote the direct selling by the farmers themselves are: Apni Mandi (Punjab, Rajastan and Haryana), Hadaspar Mandi (Pune), Rythu Bazars( fruit and vegetable markets in Andhra Pradesh) and Uzhavar Sandies ( the farmer markets of Tamilnadu). Also, several multinational and national companies are signing contracts with the farmers directly and encouraging them to cultivate farm products like vegetables and fruits. They encourage them to produce goods of the desired quality by providing the farmers with seeds and other essentials. Further the farmers are assured of the produce getting sold at a pre decided price. Such arrangements reduce the risk of the farmer since he does not have to worry about selling the produce. It also leads to the expansion of farm products.

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