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Water body is regarded as the mother of provider by the fishing community. Seas, oceans, lakes, streams, ponds etc are examples of water bodies and hence are a life giving source for the fishing community of India. After various budget allocations and revenue channeling by the government into the fisheries, technological introduction and research has happened in fisheries and aqua culture. 49% of the total fish production is contributed by the inland sources today. The rest is from the marine sources like seas and oceans. 1.4% of the GDP is accounted by the total fish production. Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu are the major marine products providing states. The socio economic status of the fishermen is lower than that of the people who belong to other backward sectors. Underemployment, low per capita earnings, absence of opportunities and mobility access to other sectors, high illiteracy and indebtedness are some of the major problems faced by this community. Though women are not directly involved in active fishing, 60% of the export marketing workforce and 40% of the internal marketing workforce are women. There is a crying need to increase the credit facilities, SHGs and cooperatives available to the women belonging to this industry.

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