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Cultivation of diverse horticulture like fruits, vegetables, tuber crops, flowers, medicinal plants, spices etc is happening in India because of the varying climatic and soil conditions. Horticulture plays a major role in increasing employment and in providing food and nutrition. The period between 1991-2003 is termed as the period heralding the Golden revolution as it was during this period that the investment in this sector became highly productive and this sector emerged as one which can engage a sustainable workforce. India is the world leader in producing a variety of fruits like bananas, mangoes, cashew nuts and also a plethora of spices. We are the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables. The financial and economic condition of the farmers involved in horticulture has turned better and horticulture has emerged as a sector which can improve the standard of living of the under privileged masses.


For the women in the rural sector, horticulture has thrown open a variety of lucrative jobs like flower harvesting, nursery maintenance, hybrid seed production, tissue culture and food processing.

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