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Administrative Setup for the Small Scale Agro and the Rural Industries

The Indian government created the ministry for small scale rural and agro industries for formulation of policies and co-ordination of central assistance to promote this industry in India. The ministry was dividend into two in September 2001 as Ministry of Small scale Industry and Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries. Many policies, programmes and schemes have been incorporated by Ministry of Small scale industry for the promotion and growth of SSI. The small industries development organization (SIDO) is attached to this ministry which implements and monitors various program and policies formulated.

Type of Industry


Other remarks

Small scale

One crore

Its 5 crores for specific products

Ancillary unit

One crore

The supply should be 50% to parent unit

Tiny enterprises

25 lakhs

No limit in location

Industry related service

And business enterprise

10 lakhs

No limit in location

women enterprise

Any of above

Equity owned by women should be 51%

Export units

One crore

25% can be sold in domestic markets.


The khadi and village industries commission (KVIC), handicraft board, coir board, silk board have all implemented various policies, programmes, schemes related to agro and rural industry. Different promotional and developmental schemes and policies have been introduced by state government through which various supporting incentives are provided to the SSI units in their respective states. These are executed by the state directorate of industries.

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