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Business and Environmental Protection

Protection of the environment is a serious issue that confronts business managers and decision makers. The environment comprises both natural and man-made. These resources are natural resources like land, water, air, fauna and flora and raw materials; or man-made resources such as cultural heritage, socioeconomic institutions and the people. It is a fact that the quality of the environment is fast deteriorating particularly due to industrial activity. This is a common sight around major cities like Kanpur, Jaipur, Delhi, Panipat, Kolkata, and others, in various states of our country. Their emissions are seriously affecting the health of the people. Pollution - the injection of harmful substances into the environment is, in fact, largely the result of industrial production. Since some waste is inevitable in the use of materials and energy, the manufacturers face a great challenge in dealing with such wastes. Pollution changes the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air, land and water. Pollution harms human life and the life of other species.

It also degrades living conditions while wasting or depleting raw materials. The country's cultural heritage is also affected and it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect all historical monuments. Pollution exists because the environment can absorb only a limited amount of pollutants and wastes. Some hazardous wastes or toxic by-products and chemicals have characteristics that the environment can not assimilate. Pollution thus causes risks to environmental quality, human health and damage to natural and man-made resources. Protection of the environment is directly related to the control of pollution.

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