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Source of Generation Basis

Another basis of categorising the sources of funds can be whether the funds are generated from within the organisation or from external sources. Internal sources of funds are those that are generated from within the business. A business, for example, can generate funds internally by accelerating collection of receivables, disposing of surplus inventories and ploughing back its profit. The internal sources of funds can fulfill only limited needs of the business. External sources of funds include those sources that lie outside an organisation, such as suppliers, lenders, and investors. When large amount of money is required to be raised, it is generally done through the use of external sources. External funds may be costly as compared to those raised through internal sources. In some cases, business is required to mortgage its assets as security while obtaining funds from external sources. Issue of debentures, borrowing from commercial banks and financial institutions and accepting public deposits are some of the examples of external sources of funds commonly used by business organisations.

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