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String and Character Related Functions

  • It contains a string as a null terminated array of characters.

  • This is used to represent both the string and the character.

  • They are explained in detail.

Character function

  • The character function is used to check the given characters status at each expression
  • They are used with const attribute also.
  • Some of the function is listed below.
    • isalnum
    • isalpha
    • isblank
    • isdigit
    • islower
    • isupper
    • isspace
    • tolower
    • toupper

String functions

  • There are many string functions; they are used to check the status of the sequence of the word.
  • The following data gives us the list of string functions.
    • strcat()
    • strcpy()
    • strlen()
    • strncpy()
    • strncat()
    • strerror()

Mathematical functions

  • C++ has the special feature of providing mathematical functions.
  • They helps to perform mathematical calculations.
  • They are such as
    • sqrt()
    • sin()
    • cos()
    • abs()
    • pow()

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