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  • An array is defined as a collection of variables of the same type that is referenced by a common name.
  • It is a data structure which can be used to store consecutive data of the same data type.
  • They can be declared for all data types in C++. 
Note: An array is a series of items that have the same characteristics under a common name
  • The computer stores arrays in a consecutive memory locations as 0, 1, 2......etc.
  • It helps to access the data faster.
  • Array elements are stored inside the square bracket called the subscript.
  • Its memory size starts from 0, 1, 2 and so on.

Declaration of Arrays

  • An array can be declared similar to the variable declaration.
  • First the array type is selected, then an identifier for the array with in the square brackets.
  • The number of elements should be in integer.
  • For example data on the average marks over the class XI for each year can be stored in an array declared as follows.
    • int students[100];
  • This declaration will cause the compiler to allocate space for 100 consecutive integer variables in the memory.
  • The number of elements in array should be fixed at compile time.

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