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Define Preprocessor Directive

  • Preprocessors directives are lines included in the code of the program that are not program statement but directives for the preprocessor.
  • It is defined by using the symbol hash(#);
  • It is executed before the actual compilation of code beginning.
  • It is extended only across a single line of code.
  • No semicolon is used to terminate the process while using preprocessor.
  • No back slash is allowed in preprocessor.
  • To define a preprocessor, the general format is

# define identifier replacement

For example
# define pi 3.14
#define tsize 100



#define getmax(a,b) ((a)>(b) ? (a) : (b))

int main()


int a=5, b;




return 0;


Note: Many things can be done during preprocessing phase include:
  • inclusion of other files through #include directive

  • definition of symbolic constants and macros through # define directive.

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