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Data Analysis, Interpretation and Conclusion

Once you have collected the data, classified, tabulated and prepared basic exploratory diagrammatic representations, the next step involved is analysis of data.

Depending on the problem at hand, you will be required to make certain calculations using statistical formula that you are already familiar with. You may have to compute mean, variance,standard deviation, correlation, find the regression curve, do ANOVA, ANCOVA, etc.

Many statistical packages are available in the market for the computations to be carried out. SPSS and SAS are few of them. Even Microsoft Excel offers a wide range of statistical functions and data handling techniques.

After the analysis is over, interpretation has to be done. Based on the hypotheses stated in Step 1 and the sample parameters calculated the data has to be interpreted and conclusion has to be stated in the form of a report. A cursory glance at the conclusion should be enough for any layman to understand the major aspects of the study.

The bibliography consists of the primary and secondary sources of data. References if any to previous research done in similar topics. Information regarding the softwares used for tabulation and analysis, etc.

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