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Suggested List of Projects

​The following is a list of suggested project titles:
  1. Consider yourself as an advisor to the Head of your City Transport Corporation. Suggest means of improvement and better coordination in bus facilities in the outskirts of the city.
  2. Being an entrepreneur with a home science background , you would like to start a food processing unit in your area. Find out about the best and most lucrative businesses related to food processing in your area.
  3. Suppose you are a course developer in the education industry, providing non-curriculum based courses to college students. Collect and interpret data to give you a vision for developing new courses for the next financial year.
  4. Imagine you are a wealthy industrialist, seeking to save your company from the impact of recession that has hit the economy in a bad way. Conduct a survey among the employees to find out effective measures of cost cutting, so as to avoid lay off of employees.
  5. Consider yourself as a Health Worker in the City Health Department. Find out with the help of a survey, whether the medical aids and health reforms provided by the State Government are effective or not.
  6. From the AIDS control cell in you city, get data about the AIDS victims and write a report about the economic and cultural background of the victims.
  7. Collect data from working women in one or two IT companies, about the difficulties faced by working women in maintaining various roles, namely wife, mother, working woman, etc. and suggest measures that can be taken by the management to improve their lifestyle.
  8. Study samples of well water from various localities in your neighbourhood. Find out about the causes of pollution and suggest remedial measures to reduce ground water pollution.
  9. Study the financial habits of three groups of people in your city - very well off, middle class and poor. Write a report about their sources of income and expenditure patterns.
  10. Collect data about the best practices of the local farmers in the outskirts of your city. Find out which crops give them the higher profit and why?

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