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Explore your Computer

  • It is a program that helps the user to manager his/her files and folders.
  • Windows explorer can be started by, clicking on
    • Start All Programs Accessories Windows explorer
    • One can also start Windows explorer by right clicking on the Start button and then selecting explorer from the shortcut menu.
    • The below figure shows the appearance of the explorer
    • After opening the explorer the window will look like the below figure:

  • There are several ways that let you navigate around your computer.
  • But most commonly used ones are:
    • Start button and taskbar
    • My computer
    • Windows explorer
The Start button and taskbar
  • The start button is used to navigate through Windows.
  • Both features are always available on your desktop, no matter how many open window you have.
    • Section 1: Represents the start button, opens the start menu
    • Section 2: Represents the user who has logged in
    • Section 3: Holds permanent shortcut to specify program for easy access
    • Section 4: Lists the shortcut to programs that have been most recently and frequently used
    • Section 5: All programs will display a submenu that list all the program application that are installed in the computer
    • Section 6: Provides easy access to My Documents and other options.
    • Section 7: The Quick launch holds the shortcut to the programs.
    • Section 8: The taskbar displays the active programs and documents.
    • Section 9: System tray, displays icons of program running in the background

My Computer

  • The section of My Computer was introduced with the release of Microsoft corporation along with windows 95 and later added in all the versions of windows
  • It is used is helpful if you prefer viewing the contents of a single folder or drive.
  • In Windows XP, the things you have on your computer are the programs, documents and data files
  • To open My computer, follow the given steps
    • Go to the window desktop and double click the icon My Computer

  • It has the following items on it.
    • The drives
    • Removable storage disks
    • System tasks


The classical view of a screen

  • To see the classical view follow the given steps
  • Right click on the Desktop and select properties from shortcut menu
  • Click the appearance panel
  • Under window and buttons, select Window Classic Style
  • Click Apply and then OK

Note: Applications can be opened using command mode by selecting Run option from the start menu. For example, to open MSWord, do the following step
Go to Start Run Type WinWord (Ms Word will be opened)

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