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Managing File and Folders

In Windows, you can organize your documents and programs to suit your preferences. We can store the data in various formats. The data are stored in the form of files.
Note: The file name and the folder name may be alphabets, numerical values and special characters.

Creating Folders

  • All information are stored in the files
  • A collection of files is called as folders
  • To create a folder the following steps are followed
    • Double on any drive where you want to create a new folder.
    • Right click on the workspace, you get a pop up menu
    • In the menu select New ◊ Folder option
    • New folder is created.
    • By default it is named as New folder 1, New folder 2 and so on.
    • To rename the folder right click on top of the folder, choose rename option from the menu
    • The default name will be highlighted, then change the name accordingly what you want

  • Alternate method to create a folder is as follows
    • Choose File menu → New → Folder
    •  This opens the new folder, rename the folder as accordingly.
Note: A single folder can hold any format of files like document files; excel files, mp3 files, movies, animation etc.

Finding Files and Folders

To find a file or folder, the following steps are used
  • Click the Start button, point to search and then click All Files and Folders
  • Search Companion window will open up,
  • In Left Pan, under All or part of the file name: box type the file or folder name you want to find.
  • After clicking All or part of the file name, search pane transforms in a new way.
  • Then click the Look in down arrow, select a drive or click Browse to specify where to search
  • Finally click Search.
  • The following steps help to perform search operation

Note: Alternate methods of conducting search are
  1. Open My Document and click Search button
  2. Open My Computer and click Search button

Opening Files and Folders

To open a file or folder, follow the steps given below
  • On the desktop, double click My Computer. The My Computer window opens
  • Double click on the drive you want to view
  • Double click on the file or folder you want to open
Note: To open any file or folder, choose Open option from File menu and select the Drive and file what you want to open. For example, to open a file follow the given method
File Open D:\ CBSE \ Chapter1 \ Q and A.doc

To Move or Copy a File or Folder

  • To perform moving, copying use the following steps
Moving a File or Folder
  • Moving the file is different from copying a file or folder.
  • Move command is performed using Cut option from Edit Menu or by right clicking the mouse gives the option.
  • It takes the entire data from the original location.
  • To perform Moving, follow the steps given below
    • Start My Computer by clicking My Computer icon on the desktop
    • Select the file or folder you want to move.
    • Right click on the icon of the folder or file and choose Cut option.
    • Select and open the drive or folder where we want to move the cut item.
    • Right click in some open space in the new location's content pane.
    • Choose paste option from the menu.

Note: Keyboard Shortcut for Cut is Ctrl + X and for Paste Ctrl + V

To Copy a File or Folder

  • Copying a file or folder is to have a duplicate copy in another location while still retaining the original where it was.
  • When we copy an item, the original remains.
  • To copy a file or folder follow the below given steps
    • Start My Computer by clicking My Computer icon on the desktop.
    • Select the file or folder you want to copy.
    • Right click in an open space in the new locations window
    • Then choose Paste from the pop up menu.


Deleting Files and Folders

  • To delete a file or folder the following steps are used
    • Start My Computer by clicking My computer icon on the desktop
    • Select the file or folder you want to delete and press the delete key or right click to display the pull down menu and select Delete option.

Restoring Deleted Files

  • If we delete a file and later decide that we have made a mistake, we can retrieve.
  • All the deleted files are stored in the Recycle Bin for a period of time.
  • Open the Recycle Bin by clicking its icon on the desktop.
  • When the Recycle Bin opens, locate the file or folder you want to restore.
  • Right click the item's icon and choose Restore from the pop-up menu.
Note: To delete the items from the computer permanently, Select the file or folder and Press Shift + Delete key from the keyboard.

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