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Starting and Closing Programs

To start and close an application there are various methods. Let us learn them in detail.

To Start a Program (Say MS Word)
  • Click the Start Button, and then point to All Programs or Programs
  • The program's sub menu appears
  • Point to the group Microsoft Office that contains the program you want to start, and then click the program name
    • i.e. Microsoft Office Word
  • Or just double click on the icon in the desktop which you want to open.
  • The following procedure shows how to open a program

  • After clicking the MS Word, it opens a blank window.
  • The following figure shows the blank application of Word.

To quit from a program

  • Just click on the Close button (X) in the upper right corner of the program window.
  • Alternatively you can also click on the Exit option from the file menu of the application.

Note: Shortcut to close any application is Press Alt + F3 or Press Alt +F + X

Windows Control Buttons

  • At the top of each window is the title bar.
  • As the name indicates, the title bar specifies the name of the application.
  • It has three of the following four sizing buttons at the top of the right corner.
  • They are as follows
    • Minimize button: It is used to reduce the size of the window to a button on the task bar.
    • Maximize button: Clicking on this button enlarges the window to fill the entire desktop.
    • Restore button: This button is used to restore the window to the original size.
    • Close button: Closes the application


Note: To use any of the sizing button press Alt + tab + Space bar, it opens the pop up menu with the sizing options in the left top corner of the application window from that choose any one option for your operation.

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