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Types of Software

  • Software represents the set of program that governs the operation of a computer system and makes the hardware to run.
  • Software is classified into three major categories based on their usages.
  • They are as follows
    • System Software
    • Programming Software
    • Application Software

System Software

  • It is the one which controls the computer hardware to perform its work
  • The instruction to the hardware is given through the software
  • It is also the collection of
    • Operating systems
    • Device drives
    • Servers
    • Windows system and
    • Utilities
  • The purpose of system software includes accessing of communications, printer, reader, keyboard etc.

Application Software

  • It enables the end user to perform some specific tasks.
  • It involves
    • Business applications
    • Compute games
    • Data base
    • Online shopping
    • Education software
    • Financial management
    • Railway reservation
  • They are sub divided into three categories
    • Packages: Application Software is called as packages. For example MsWord, Access, C programming etc.
    • Utilities: It is known as service routine. It helps in managing computer hardware and system application like disk defragmentation, system utilities, virus scanning etc.
    • Customized Software: These are software according to the user's requirement.

Programming Software

  • This are some of the commonly used computer software
  • They are the tools that assist a programmer in writing software.
  • They come in a set of logical instruction that makes a computer system to perform certain tasks.
  • The tools are as follows
    • Compilers
    • Text Editors
    • Interpreters
Definition: Virus is a set of program created by itself without the knowledge of the owner.

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