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Complete CAT Prep

Complete CAT Prep

Prepare for your CAT exam with Pearson's digital CAT guide. 'Complete CAT Prep' is a complete package of CAT preparation material which includes Quants & DI and English & LR.


Complete CAT Prep

Complete CAT Prep

This course provides an exhaustive preparation material for CAT exam which enable you score well in your exam. The course comes you with comprehensive study notes, a huge set oftests to practice and Revise for quick revision.

Know your level with benchmark tests and master every section of this exam with Section Test.

Find the following sections in this course.

Math and DI:Math covers 5 major modules as Numbers and Their Properties, Arithmetic, X+2 Maths, Measurement and Miscellaneous while DI covers 4 chapters as Introduction to DI, Data Sufficiency, Section Test etc.

English & Logical Reasoning:English provides Verbal Ability, Verbal reasoning and RC while LR covers 11 chapters on improving DI Skills.

    Course Modules
  • 1
    Quants & DI

    Provides comprehensive coverage of Maths and Data Interpretation section

  • 2
    English & LR

    Covers exhaustive study material for English and Logical reasoning

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