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Calculation Techniques

Despite the trend at CAT having shifted from easy-to-understand-data-with-difficult-calculations to more logical questions with lesser calculations, it is not advisable to sit for CAT without being reasonably good at quick calculations and approximations.

The importance of a good calculation speed can be understood with the following statistics:
We are taking a sample of a student who attempts 15 questions in DI at CAT. All the figures taken ahead are ‘on an average’ basis.
Number of calculations/questions
= 4–5 calculation
Hence, the total number of calculations done
= 60 – 75 calculations
If a calculation takes 6 seconds on an average, then time invested in doing calculations only
= 360 – 450 secs
= 6 – 7:30 minutes
Now if we double our calculation speed, we would have 3-4 minutes of extra time. What leverage can be taken from this ‘generated time’ depends totally upon the caliber of the student. Even if a student solves only one question than what he actually would have, and gets it right; the percentile in DI might differ by 1–2 percentile.

Following are the most frequent type of calculations done at CAT—

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