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List of Commonly Mistaken Word


1. Emigrant



A person who leaves one country to move to another.

The Bangladeshi emigrants got on to the boat at Chittagong.


A person who enters one country from another.

The immigrants to India got off the boat in Howrah.

2. Eminent




Newton is an eminent scientist.


about to happen

Dam999, documentary movie, predicted that a flood was imminent.

3. Feign




To give a false appearance of

To feign ignorance


To lose consciousness briefly

Some people often faint at the sight of a mouse.

4. Farther




At a greater distance

I can see him going farther.



I have nothing further to tell you.

5. Flaunt



To make a gaudy display

Paris likes to flaunt her wealth.

To defy

Flouting traffic rules may put you in difficulty.

6. Ideal




There is no ideal solution to the poverty problem in India.

Object of worship

Idol worship has made him blind to his coach’s faults.

7. Ingenious




Clever, imaginative

Ingenious minds dream ambitious plans.


Frank and open

Deenanath Chauhan has an ingenuous way of believing everything she hears.


8. Moral





Having high moral values as prescribed in religious books.

Immorality has permeated in the lives of politicians to a great extent.


State of mind in terms of confidence and courage.

The morale of our troops is high


9. Ordinance




Rule of order                   

A new ordinance has been issued regarding the economic policy.


Arms, arsenal

The ordnance factory at army HQ is quite old.

10. Precede




To go in advance of

A precedes B in the alphabet.


To go on or go forward

If there are no doubts, I will proceed with the next concept.


11. Prescribe




To recommend or set down a rule to be followed.

The doctor prescribed absolute rest for the patient.


To ban something

Doctor proscribed curd for the patient.

12. Principal




(1) Major, capital as opposed to interest.
Careless is a principal cause of highway accidents.
(2) The principal of the school attended our concert.

The principal was Rs 10000 and the interest was 5% a year.


A general rule or truth

A principled life is required to lead a happy life.

13. Quiet






Calm, Still, silent

Keep quiet, you might altert the birds.


To stop doing something

People who quit smoking has the higher chances of survival in case of heart attack.


Entirely, Really, Noticeably

Preeti felt quite ill during dinner.

14. Rain






Liquid Precipitation

There will be rain today – as per MET forecast.


A device used to guide a horse.

Adjust the saddle and reins.



The rule of a sovereign

It happened in the reign of Lord Mountbatten.

15. Raise




To lift something              

Police ordered the thief to raise both the hands and surrender.


To demolish              

The wreckers began to raze the illegal complex.

16. Septic




A bacterial infection

The wound developed into a septic because of negligence.


A person who always doubts

Fake placement records of B-schools make students skeptical.

17. Simulate




To imitate or pretend                 

Now a days, drivers can get themselves trained on simulators.


Excite, provoke, inspire

Anna’s speech could stimulate the whole nation.

18. Sore





Unhappy, bitter

He was quite sore over his defeat.


Not sweet, pungent

The grapes were quite sour.


To rise high

His spirits soared when he got the call letter.

19. Stationary




Static, Motionless

The car rammed into the stationary truck.


Writing material

Mr Randhir owns the best stationery shop in town.

20. Straight




Not curved or crooked

A straight line is the shortest distance between two points.

A narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water, a distressing situation.

We passed through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Our next door neighbor is in dire financial straits.

21. Suit




A coat with matching trousers or skirt, a proceeding in a law court.

Grandfather still wears a blue suit every Sunday.

Ram Bikemalani argued his suit eloquently.


A set of rooms, of matching furniture

The reserved the bridal suite at The Taj.

22. Tamper




To meddle with

Ask children not to tamper with the equipments.


Disposition, Nature

He has a bad temper and that is why he is not very popular.

23. Urban




Belonging to the city or town.

The villagers are fast migrating to urban areas.

Refined, Polished, Cultured

Having an urbane personality is desirable for all the sales people.

24. Vain






Conceited, useless

That model is an unusually vain girl.

He made several vain attempts to get a job.


A direction pointer

The weekend farmers bought a new weather vane for the barn.


A blood vessel

In today’s medical class, we were told about veins and arteries.

25. Venal




Evil, corrupt, immoral

The venal acts of bureaucrats have damaged the nation.


Something that can be pardoned

The venial mischief of the child were often overlooked.

26. Waist



The narrow part of the body above the hips.

He has a 34-waist.


Needless consumption or destruction

Facebook is a total waste of time.


27. Weather





Day to day climate

What is the weather forecast for today?


If it be the case that

I do not know whether she would marry me or not?

28. Whose




The possessive of the pronoun who

Whose book is this?


‘who is’

Who’s going to dinner with me?

29. Your




The possessive of the pronoun You.

Is this your book?


‘You are’

You’re late for work.

30. Can




Despite the warning, hooligans may create problems.



May I go out Sir?

31. Able



Power or strength in general

Despite going through Chemotherapy, Yuvraj is able to play football.


Power or strength in particular

He is capable of running for 2 hours continuously.

32. Advice




Suggestion (Noun)

People who give unsolicited advice are not respected in the society.


Counsel (Verb)

I advise you to try to stay put in the hostel.

33. Beside





Adjacent, nearby

My house is beside church.


Also, as well as

Besides getting a technical know how, doing MBA will also give me practical exposure.

Suitable; respectable

34. Descent



The act of coming down


To differ

35. Desert




(1) Waste land, (2) to abandon

(1) Sahara is one of the biggest deserts in the world.

(2) Mr Bhatt deserted Ms Parveen after using her talent.


The course at the end of the dinner

The dessert was just as good as was the dinner.

36. Dual




All long range aircrafts have dual engine.


Contest between two people

Duel between MSD and VS for captaincy is detrimental for Team performance.

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