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Look for the Obvious, But don't Miss the Hidden

Looking at any of the statements gives us an idea of the facts given, and sometimes we get so enamored with these obvious facts that we fail to see something hidden. Evidently, there is no point saying that “You should not make silly mistakes” (because nobody does it intentionally anyway. However, we can reduce the incidences of these silly mistakes or missing some hidden information.

Some of the precautions that must be taken while tackling any DS question:
  1. While assuming the values, take different set of values (like positive, negative, fractions between 0 and 1) to make an informed decision.
  2. Any geometrical figure should not be taken as accurate unless it is given.For example, the below given triangle ABC given below cannot be taken as a right-angled triangle even though it appears to be so.


Hence, no conclusion should be drawn by finding proportionate value of length or the angle in any geometrical figure unless such are clearly stated.
Is Arvind the father of Puja?
Statement 1 — Puja is the daughter of Arvind.
Statement 2 — Arvind is the aunt of Abhishek.
Using statement 1, despite the fact that Puja is the daughter of Arvind, we cannot conclude that Arvind is the father of Puja. Arvind can be the mother too.
Using statement 2, in first impression statement 2 seems to be irrelevant, but looking closely at this statement gives us an idea that Arvind is a woman (only women can be aunts). And hence, we can conclude that Arvind is not the father of Puja.
Therefore, statement 2 alone is sufficient to answer the question.

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