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  • balk (v.)—to stop, block abruptly
  • banal (adj.)—dull, commonplace
  • bane (n.)—a burden [Opposite – Boon – Blessing]
  • bashful (adj.)—shy, excessively timid
  • battery a. (n.)—a device that supplies power; b. (n.)—assault, beating
  • beguile (v.)—to trick, deceive
  • behemoth (n.)—large creature; something of tremendous power or size
  • benevolent (adj.)—marked by goodness or doing good
  • benign (adj.)—favorable, not threatening, mild
  • bequeath (v.)—to pass on in a will, give or donate legally
  • berate (v.)—to scold vehemently
  • bereft (adj.)—devoid of, without
  • beseech (v.)—to beg, plead, implore
  • bias (n.)—a tendency, inclination, prejudice
  • blandish (v.)—to coax by using flattery
  • blemish (n.)—an imperfection, flaw
  • blight a. (n.)—a plague, disease; b. (n.)—a scar or mark of discoloration
  • boisterous (adj.)—loud and full of energy
  • bombastic (adj.)—excessively confident, pompous
  • bourgeois (n.)—an upper middle-class person, a successful capitalist
  • brazen (adj.)—excessively bold, brash
  • brusque (adj.)—short, abrupt, dismissive
  • buffet a. (v.)—to strike with force; b. (n.)—arrangement of food on a table
  • burnish (v.)—to polish, shine
  • buttress a. (v.)—to support, hold up; b. (n.)—something that offers support

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