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  • fabricate (v.)—to make up, invent
  • fa|ade a. (n.)—the wall of a building; b. (n.)—a deceptive appearance or attitude
  • facile a. (adj.)—easy, requiring little effort; b. (adj.)—superficial, achieved with minimal thought or care
  • fallacious (adj.)—incorrect, misleading
  • fastidious (adj.)—meticulous, demanding, having high and often unattainable standards
  • fathom a. (v.)—to understand, comprehend; b. (n.)—six feet deep
  • fatuous (adj.)—silly, foolish
  • fecund (adj.)—fruitful, fertile
  • felicitous a. (adj.)—well suited, apt; b. (adj.)—delightful, pleasing
  • fervent (adj.)—ardent, passionate
  • fetter (v.)—to chain, restrain
  • fickle (adj.)—shifting in character, inconstant
  • fidelity (n.)—loyalty, devotion
  • figurative (adj.)—symbolic
  • flagrant (adj.)—offensive, egregious
  • florid (adj.)—flowery, ornate
  • flout (v.)—to disregard or disobey openly
  • foil (v.)—to thwart, frustrate, defeat
  • forbearance (n.)—patience, restraint, toleration
  • forestall (v.)—to prevent, thwart, delay
  • forlorn (adj.)—lonely, abandoned, hopeless
  • forsake (v.)—to give up, renounce
  • fortitude (n.)—strength, guts
  • fraught (adj.)—(usually used with “with”)—filled or accompanied with
  • frenetic (adj.)—frenzied, hectic, frantic
  • frivolous (adj.)—of little importance, trifling
  • frugal (adj.)—thrifty, economical
  • furtive (adj.)—secretive, sly

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