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  • hackneyed (adj.)—unoriginal, trite, cliché
  • hallowed (adj.)—revered, consecrated
  • hapless (adj.)—unlucky
  • hardy (adj.)—robust, capable of surviving through adverse conditions
  • harrowing (adj.)—greatly distressing, vexing
  • haughty (adj.)—disdainfully proud
  • hedonist (n.)—one who believes pleasure should be the primary pursuit of humans, lotus-eaters
  • hegemony (n.)—domination over others
  • heinous (adj.)—shockingly wicked, repugnant
  • heterogeneous (adj.)—varied, diverse in character
  • hiatus (n.)—a break or gap in duration or continuity
  • hierarchy (n.)—a system with ranked groups
  • hypocrisy (n.)—pretending to believe what one does not

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