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  • laceration (n.)—a cut, tear
  • laconic (adj.)—terse in speech or writing
  • languid (adj.)—sluggish from fatigue or weakness
  • largess (n.)—great and lavish generosity in the giving of gifts
  • latent (adj.)—hidden, but capable of being exposed
  • laudatory (adj.)—expressing admiration or praise
  • lavish a. (adj.)—given without limits; b. (v.)—to give without limits
  • lenient (adj.)—demonstrating tolerance or gentleness
  • lethargic (adj.)—in a state of sluggishness or apathy
  • liability a. (n.)—legal responsibility; b. (n.)—a handicap, burden
  • libertarian (adj.)—advocating principles of liberty and free will
  • licentious (adj.)—displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints
  • limpid (adj.)—clear, transparent
  • litigant (n.)—someone engaged in a lawsuit
  • lucid (adj.)—clear, easily understandable
  • luminous (adj.)—brightly shining
  • lurid (adj.)—ghastly, sensational

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