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  • magnanimous (adj.)—noble, generous
  • malediction (n.)—a curse
  • malevolent (adj.)—wanting harm to befall others
  • malleable (adj.)—capable of being shaped or transformed
  • mandate (n.)—an authoritative command
  • manifest a. (adj.)—easily understandable, obvious; b. (v.)—to show plainly
  • manifold (adj.)—diverse, varied
  • maudlin (adj.)—weakly sentimental
  • maverick (n.)—an independent, nonconformist person
  • maxim (n.)—a common saying expressing a principle of conduct
  • meager (adj.)—deficient in size or quality
  • medley (n.)—a mixture of differing things
  • mendacious (adj.)—having a lying, false character
  • mercurial (adj.)—characterized by rapid change or temperament
  • meritorious (adj.)—worthy of esteem or reward
  • metamorphosis (n.)—the change of form, shape, substance
  • meticulous (adj.)—extremely careful with details
  • mitigate (v.)—to make less violent, alleviate
  • moderate a. (adj.)—not extreme; b. (n.)—one who expresses moderate opinions
  • modicum (n.)—a small amount of something
  • modulate (v.)—to pass from one state to another, especially in music
  • mollify (v.)—to soften in temper
  • morose (adj.)—gloomy or sullen
  • multifarious (adj.)—having great diversity or variety

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