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  • nadir (n.)—the lowest point of something [Opposite-Zenith]
  • nascent (adj.)—in the process of being born or coming into existence
  • nebulous (adj.)—vaguely defined, cloudy
  • nefarious (adj.)—heinously villainous
  • negligent (adj.)—habitually careless, neglectful
  • neophyte (n.)—someone who is young or inexperienced.
  • nocturnal (adj.)—relating to or occurring during the night [Diurnal – occurring during the day]
  • noisome (adj.)—unpleasant, offensive, especially to the sense of smell
  • nomadic (adj.)—wandering from place to place
  • nonchalant (adj.)—having a lack of concern, indifference
  • nondescript (adj.)—lacking a distinctive character
  • novice (n.)—a beginner, someone without training or experience
  • noxious (adj.)—harmful, unwholesome
  • nuance (n.)—a slight variation in meaning, tone, or expression
  • nurture (v.)—to assist the development of

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