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  • obdurate (adj.)—unyielding to persuasion or stubbornly insensitive to change
  • obfuscate (v.)—to render incomprehensible
  • oblique (adj.)—diverging from a straight line or course, not straightforward
  • oblivious (adj.)—lacking consciousness or awareness of something
  • obscure (adj.)—unclear, partially hidden
  • obsequious (adj.)—excessively compliant or submissive
  • obsolete (adj.)—no longer used, out of date
  • obstinate (adj.)—not yielding easily, very stubborn
  • obtuse (adj.)—lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect
  • odious (adj.)—instilling hatred or intense displeasure
  • officious (adj.)—insisting on helping when it’s neither wanted nor needed
  • ominous (adj.)—foreboding or foreshadowing evil; threatening
  • onerous (adj.)—burdensome
  • opulent (adj.)—characterized by rich abundance verging on ostentation
  • oration (n.)—a speech delivered in a formal or ceremonious manner
  • ornate (adj.)—highly elaborate, excessively decorated
  • orthodox (adj.)—conventional, conforming to established protocol
  • oscillate (v.)—to sway from one side to the other
  • ostensible (adj.)—appearing as such, seemingly
  • ostentatious (adj.)—excessively showy, glitzy
  • ostracism (n.)—exclusion from a group, pariah

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