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  • rail (v.)—to scold, protest
  • rancid (adj.)—having a terrible taste or smell
  • rancid (adj.)—having a terrible taste or smell
  • rancor (n.)—deep, bitter resentment
  • rapport (n.)—mutual understanding and harmony
  • rash (adj.)—hasty, incautious
  • raucous (adj.)—loud, boisterous
  • raze (v.)—to demolish, level
  • rebuke (v.)—to scold, criticize
  • recalcitrant (adj.)—defiant, unapologetic
  • recapitulate (v.)—to sum up, repeat
  • reciprocate (v.)—to give in return
  • reclusive (adj.)—solitary, shunning society
  • reconcile a. (v.)—to return to harmony; b. (v.)—to make consistent with existing ideas
  • rectitude (n.)—uprightness, extreme morality
  • redoubtable a. (adj.)—formidable; b. (adj.)—commanding respect
  • refract (v.)—to distort, change
  • refurbish (v.)—to restore, clean up
  • refute (v.)—to prove wrong
  • relegate a. (v.)—to assign to the proper place; b. (v.)—to assign to an inferior place
  • relish (v.)—to enjoy
  • remedial (adj.)—intended to repair gaps in students’ basic knowledge
  • remiss (adj.)—negligent, failing to take care
  • renovate a. (v.)—restore, return to original state; b. (v.)—to enlarge and beautify
  • renown (n.)—honor, acclaim
  • renunciation (n.)—a rejection
  • repentant (adj.)—penitent, sorry
  • replete (adj.)—full, abundant
  • repose (v.)—to rest, lie down
  • reprehensible (adj.)—deserving rebuke
  • repudiate (v.)—to reject, refuse to accept
  • repulse a. (v.)—to disgust; b. (v.)—to push back
  • rescind (v.)—to take back, repeal
  • reservoir a. (n.)—reserves, large supply; b. (n.)—a body of stored water
  • respite (n.)—a break, rest
  • resplendent (adj.)—shiny, glowing
  • restitution (n.)—restoration to the rightful owner
  • restive (adj.)—resistant, stubborn, impatient
  • retract (v.)—withdraw
  • revel (v.)—to enjoy intensely
  • rife (adv.)—abundant
  • ruminate (v.)—to contemplate, reflect
  • ruse (n.)—a trick

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