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  • sacrosanct (adj.)—holy, something that should not be criticized
  • sagacity (n.)—shrewdness, soundness of perspective
  • salient (adj.)—significant, conspicuous
  • salutation (n.)—a greeting
  • sanctimonious (adj.)—giving a hypocritical appearance
  • sanguine (adj.)—optimistic, cheery
  • satiate (v.)—to satisfy excessively
  • scathing (adj.)—sharp, critical, hurtful
  • scintillating (adj.)—sparkling
  • scrupulous (adj.)—painstaking, careful in conduct or manner
  • scurrilous (adj.)—vulgar, coarse
  • sedentary (adj.)—sitting, settled
  • seminal (adj.)—original, important, creating a field
  • sensual (adj.)—involving sensory gratification, usually related to sex
  • sensuous (adj.)—involving sensory gratification
  • serendipity (n.)—luck, finding good things without looking for them
  • serene (adj.)—calm, untroubled
  • servile (adj.)—subservient
  • sinuous (adj.)—lithe, serpentine
  • sobriety (n.)—sedate, calm
  • solicitous (adj.)—concerned, attentive
  • solvent a. (n.)—substances that dissolve other substances;b. (adj.)—able to pay debts
  • somnolent (adj.)—sleepy, drowsy
  • sophomoric (adj.)—immature, uninformed
  • sovereign (adj.)—having absolute authority in a certain realm
  • speculative (adj.)—not based in fact
  • spurious (adj.)—false but designed to seem plausible
  • stagnate (v.)—to become or remain inactive, not develop, not flow
  • staid (adj.)—sedate, serious, self-restrained
  • stingy (adj.)—not generous, not inclined to spend or give
  • stoic (adj.)—unaffected by passion or feeling
  • stolid (adj.)—expressing little sensibility, unemotional
  • strenuous (adj.)—requiring tremendous energy or stamina
  • strident (adj.)—harsh, loud
  • stupefy (v.)—to astonish, make insensible
  • subjugate (v.)—to bring under control, subdue
  • sublime (adj.)—lofty, grand, exalted
  • submissive (adj.)—easily yielding to authority
  • succinct (adj.)—marked by compact precision
  • superfluous (adj.)—exceeding what is necessary
  • surmise (v.)—to infer with little evidence
  • surreptitious (adj.)—stealthy
  • surrogate (n.)—one acting in place of another
  • sycophant (n.)—one who flatters for self-gain

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