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  • tacit (adj.)—expressed without words
  • taciturn (adj.)—not inclined to talk; peevish
  • tangential (adj.)—incidental, peripheral, divergent
  • tantamount (adj.)—equivalent in value or significance
  • tedious (adj.)—dull, boring
  • temerity (n.)—audacity, recklessness
  • temperance (n.)—moderation in action or thought
  • tenable (adj.)—able to be defended or maintained
  • tenuous (adj.)—having little substance or strength
  • terrestrial (adj.)—relating to the land
  • timorous (adj.)—timid, fearful
  • tirade (n.)—a long speech marked by harsh language
  • toady (n.)—one who flatters in the hope of gaining favors
  • torpid (adj.)—lethargic, dormant, lacking motion
  • torrid (adj.)—giving off intense heat, passionate
  • tortuous (adj.)—winding
  • tractable (adj.)—easily controlled
  • tranquil (adj.)—calm
  • transgress (v.)—to violate, go over a limit
  • transient (adj.)—passing through briefly; moving in and out of existence
  • transmute (v.)—to change or alter in form
  • travesty (n.)—a grossly inferior imitation
  • trepidation (n.)—fear, apprehension
  • trite (adj.)—not original, overused
  • truculent (adj.)—ready to fight, cruel
  • truncate (v.)—to shorten by cutting off
  • turpitude (n.)—depravity, moral corruption

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