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  • vacillate (v.)—to fluctuate, hesitate
  • vacuous (adj.)—lack of content or ideas, stupid
  • validate (v.)—to confirm, support, corroborate
  • vapid (adj.)—lacking liveliness, dull
  • vehemently (adv.)—marked by intense force or emotion
  • veneer (n.)—a superficial or deceptively attractive appearance, fa|ade, top layer
  • venerable (adj.)—deserving of respect because of age or achievement
  • venerate (v.)—to regard with respect or to honor
  • veracity (n.)—truthfulness, accuracy
  • verbose (adj.)—wordy, impaired by wordiness, loud
  • vestige (n.)—a mark or trace of something lost or vanished
  • vex (v.)—to confuse or annoy
  • vicissitude (n.)—event that occurs by chance and brings heart-ship or pain
  • vigilant (adj.)—watchful, alert
  • vilify (v.)—to lower in importance, defame
  • vindicate (v.)—to avenge; to free from allegation; to set free
  • vindictive (adj.)—vengeful
  • virtuoso (n.)—one who excels in an art; a highly skilled musical performer
  • viscous (adj.)—not free flowing, syrupy
  • vituperate (v.)—to berate
  • vivacious (adj.)—lively, sprightly
  • vocation (n.)—the work in which someone is employed, profession
  • vociferous (adj.)—loud, boisterous

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