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Ways of Representing Functions

There are three standard methods of representing functions:
  1. Equation method
  2. Tabular method
  3. Graphical method

Equation method

It is the most commonly used form of writing any function. This form of representation involves a simple equation written in terms of the variable.

y = f(x) = 5x2 + 8.

Tabular method

In this form of representation a table of the values of x and y is formed, with or without mentioning the equation of functions.

A function y = f(x) is represented by the table given below:

Description: 4185.png

Obviously, the function which will satisfy the above written table is y = f(x) = x2


Graphical method

A graph is considered to be the most-revealing-way of representing a function. Apart from giving an inkling about the function y = f(x), its nature and shape, it gives us the information about the maximum and minimum value of the function also.
For example,
Description: 10-4.tif

It is quite evident here that for both the negative and the positive values of xy is having the same value and the shape of the graph is parabolic. So this graph is being represented by the function y = f(x) = x

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