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According to the Triangle

Acute-angle Triangle
Description: P-325-3.tif
{∠a, ∠b, ∠c} < 90°
Property: Each angle of a triangle is less than 90°, i.e., a < 90°, b < 90°, c < 90°

Right-angled Triangle
Description: P-325-4.tif
C = 90°
Property: If one of the angles is equal to 90°, then it is called a right-angled triangle. The rest two angles are complementary to each other.

Obtuse-angle Triangle
Description: P-325-5.tif
∠C > 90°
Property: If one of the angles is obtuse (i.e., greater than 90°), then it is called an obtuse-angle triangle.

According to the length of sides

Scalene Triangle
Description: P-326-1.tif
a ≠ b ≠ c
Property: A triangle in which none of the three sides are equal is called a scalene triangle (all the three angles are also different).

Isosceles Triangle
Description: P-326-2.tif
∠B = ∠C
Property: A triangle in which two sides are equal is called an isosceles triangle. In this triangle, the angles opposite to the congruent sides are also equal.

Equilateral Triangle
Description: P-326-3.tif
AB = BC = AC ∠A = ∠B = ∠C = 60°

Property: A triangle in which all the three sides are equal is called an equilateral triangle. In this triangle each angle is congruent and equal to 60°.

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