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Over the years, geometry has become as important as the number system. In other words, it is one of those areas which can help students in getting good marks in qa on its own. In cat, questions for close to 20% marks are asked from geometry alone. However, this is the only the secondary reason of this topic being so significant; the primary reasons being (i) creation of level-playing field for everyone as all the questions asked from this chapter pertain to close10 level maths only and (ii) most of the questions can be solved by the method of measurement of simple construction, without using any theorem of geometry.

Geometry, deals with measures and properties of points, lines, surfaces and solids. Here we will be discussing:
  1. Lines and their properties
  2. Polygons and their properties
  3. Triangles and their properties
  4. Quadrilaterals and their properties
  5. Circles and their properties

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