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  • Abide by—adhere to, agree to
  • Above board—honest, fair, frank
  • Account for—provide an explanation for
  • All agog—in a state of excitement
  • All and Sundry—everyone without exception
  • All intents and purposes—practically, in actual practice
  • An axe to grind—selfish motive
  • Answer a purpose—to serve a purpose
  • Answer for—take the responsibility for
  • Apple of discord—cause of quarrel, a bone of contention
  • Apple of one’s eye—an object of love, the most valuable possession
  • Apple pie order—in perfect order
  • Ask after—inquire about one’s condition or health
  • Ask for—asked to be given, to run the risk of something negative
  • Ask out—invite to a function (or an outing or a party)
  • At a low ebb—in a state of decline
  • At a pinch—in a difficulty
  • At a stone’s throw—very near
  • At a stretch—continuously, without a break
  • At an arm’s length—to keep aloof, to avoid, to keep at a distance
  • At any rate—in any event, under any circumstances
  • At home in—to be strong, to be comfortable with a subject
  • At one’s beck and call—at one’s disposal or command
  • At one’s finger’s tips or ends—to be an expert at something
  • At par—on level with, of a similar quality
  • At random—aimlessly, without goals
  • At sea—weak, perplexed
  • At sixes and sevens—in disorder, pell-mell
  • At stake—in danger
  • At the bottom—real cause
  • At the eleventh hour—at a late stage, at the last moment
  • At the mercy of—in the power of
  • At the outset—right in the beginning
  • A.B.C.—elementary facts
    • to Add fuel to the fire—to increase anger
    • to be At daggers drawn with—to be enemies, to be on bad terms
    • to be At one’s wit’s end—to be in a fix or confusion, to be perplexed
    • to be At large—to be free and not under any control

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