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  • Back out—to withdraw, to break a promise
  • Bad blood—enmity, bad feelings
  • Bag and baggage—completely, leaving behind nothing
  • Be off one’s head—to be mad, insane
  • Bear a grudge—to have bitter feelings towards someone
  • Bear in mind—remember
  • Bear up—keep one’s spirits under hostile conditions
  • Bed of roses—full of joys and pleasures
  • Bed of thorns—full of sufferings
  • Behind one’s back—in one’s absence
  • Beside the mark—irrelevant, not to the point
  • Between the devil and the deep sea—to be in a fix or
  • between two difficulties
  • Big gun—an important figure
  • Bird’s eye view—a general view or study
  • Black sheep—a disgraceful person
  • Blessing in disguise—a certain thing which appears to be a curse in the beginning but proves to be a blessing in the end
  • Blow one’s own trumpet—to speak proudly of one’s achievements
  • Blow over—to end, to extinguish/terminate
  • Blue blood—a member of aristocracy
  • Bolt from the blue—a sudden shock or calamity
  • Bone of contention—a cause of quarrel
  • Bread and butter—livelihood
  • Break down—mental or nervous collapse of a person
  • Break in—enter with the aim of stealing
  • Bring up—to rear the children; to start a topic for discussion
  • Buckle under—to accept under pressure, to give in
  • Burning question—an important question or topic of the day
  • By far—beyond all comparison
  • By hook or by crook—by all means, fair or foul
  • By leaps and bounds—rapidly, at a rapid pace
  • By no means—in no way
  • By virtue of—on account of
    • to Bank upon—to depend, to rely
    • to Be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth—born in prosperous circumstances
    • to Be in the good books—to be in favour with
    • to Be in the bad books—to be in disfavour with
    • to Bear the brunt of—to bear the consequences
    • to Bear the palm—to win reward
    • to Beat about the bush—to talk irrelevant
    • to Beat a retreat—to retire, to move back
    • to Beat hollow—to defeat completely
    • to Bell the cat—to face a risk
    • to Bid fair—likely to be
    • to Break the ice—to break the silence, to get over initial shyness
    • to Bring credit to—to bring fame and honour
    • to Bring down the house—to win general praise
    • to Bring to book—to punish the guilty
    • to Burn one’s fingers—to get into trouble
    • to Burn the candle at both ends—to waste one’s energy, time and money uselessly
    • to Burn the mid-night oil—to work very hard till late at night
    • to Bury the hatchet—to forget a quarrel, to make peace

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