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  • a Cat’s paw—to make somebody a tool
  • a Chicken-hearted person—a cowardly person
  • a Child’s play—something very easy
  • a Cock and bull story—an imaginary or false story
  • a Cool head—a calm judgment
  • a Cry in the wilderness—a useless cry
  • Call on—to pay a visit
  • Capital punishment—punishment of death
  • Care about—to feel for someone/something
  • Care for—have respect or regard for someone
  • Cast down—depressed, dejected
  • Casting vote—a vote which decides the issue when the voting is otherwise equal
  • Close shave—a narrow escape
  • Come of—come from, descended from
  • Come off—to be successful
  • Come round—become conscious; to visit; adopt an opinion
  • Come to hand—receive
  • Count on—to believe in, rely on
  • Count out—to disregard
  • Crocodile tears—false tears
  • Cut and dried—in a readymade form
    • to Call a spade a spade—to speak in plain terms, to speak out openly
    • to Call into question—to object to
    • to Carry fire and sword—to cause destruction
    • to Call for—to demand
    • to Carry off one’s feet—to be wild with excitement
    • to Carry the day—to win, to succeed
    • to Cast a slur upon—to bring a blot, to bring discredit
    • to Cast a spell over—fascinate or attract
    • to Cast into the shade—to throw into obscure position
    • to Catch napping—to take unawares
    • to Catch tartar—to meet with a person who is more than a match for one
    • to Change colour—to turn pale with fear
    • to Chew the cud—to think deeply
    • to Clinch the issue—to decide the matter
    • to Come of age—to be major, to be twenty one
    • to Come off with flying colours—to succeed well
    • to Come to a head—to reach a crisis
    • to Come to a stand-still—to come to a stop
    • to Come to grief—to suffer, to be ruined, to fail
    • to Compare notes—to discuss impressions or opinions
    • to Cool one’s heels—to wait for somebody patiently
    • to Cross one’s mind—to come into one’s mind
    • to Cross swords—to fight
    • to Cry for the moon—to wish for something impossible
    • to Cry over spilt milk—to waste time in vain, repent over lost opportunities
    • to Cut a sorry figure—to feel humbled, to make oneself ridiculous, to produce a poor result
    • to Cut no ice—to have no effect
    • to Cut the Gordian knot—to get over a difficulty by a bold strike

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